Our relationship with the natural world has changed. Is changing. Will continue to change. Clichés abound when we talk about the world getting warmer. Improper human-wildlife interactions are becoming a part of everyday life. As urbanization spreads at light speed, regulations designed to protect nature are being torn up just as quickly. 

That's where the Northern Trail Project comes in. This page will be home to radio, print, photo and video stories that cover issues about our shifting relationship with the natural world.  All of these stories are presented with unbiased journalistic standards and have been featured in national or international news outlets. 

This is not activism.  This is straight up, old school storytelling.



Tracks in the Mud

Polar Bear Provincial Park lies on the southern shore of Hudson Bay. Keep going south and you will find a Cree community of 300 people called Peawanuck. The residents of Peawanuck know the bears well. They also know what losing the bears will mean for their community. (TVO)


The Hunt For Scat

Ontario's Algonquin wolf is under threat. The number of mature individuals in the province is believed to be under 300. So how to protect an illusive creature that's hard to spot on a good day? You start by having the best possible data. And to do that, you need wolf scat. (Earth Island Journal)  


Kings of the Concrete - 360° VR Video

A dedicated team in is working to protect the urban nesting peregrine falcon. After nearly going extinct last century, these raptors are a strong indicator for how the environment is doing. Mark Nash and his team want to see the peregrine falcon flourish - and they're using some innovative techniques to make that happen. (360° VR Video)